Website Development

We design and build websites to the highest national (UK) and international standards, for accessibility, usability and legibility. Not only does this mean that your website is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of their browser, software, operating system, or ability. But it also means that you're covered legally: compliant with UK legislation such as the DDA Act (Disability Discrimination Act) and Companies House.

Web compatibility and testing

Before we launch a web project, we test it on PCs and Macs. We check it on all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, FireFox, Safari (including iPhone and iPod touch), Flock, Shiira, Camino and Mozilla. Only when it has passed all these tests does it go live.

Web Accessibility

Accessibility is about making your web site available to the widest possible audience no matter what their browser, device, connection speed or their particular disability. Having an accessible website is crucial, inaccessible websites can lead to loss of customers and poor search engine performance. 939 Design build web sites with xhtml and CSS code that adheres to web standards, making the most of the latest browser enhancements.


We use a simple checklist of usability points that we test every site against to ensure that usability does not get neglected during a development project. Jakob Neilsen (the world-renowned usability guru) showed us that you only need to test five people in order to catch 85% of problems.

To find out more get in touch: telephone: 01482 627939, or send an email enquiry.